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Finish off your garden with Mulch

Whether you are looking at ways to make your home garden look complete, or want to add some finishing touches to a landscaping project, mulch could be the answer you have been looking for.

Used to cover up exposed soil, it helps to highlight plants and bushes, protects your beds from soil erosion and also keeps everything looking neat and tidy.

The rich colouring of our mulch stands out against the green of a well maintained lawn and as it is a natural product, it will also help over time to add nutrients to your soil.

Mulch is one of the most inexpensive ways to make a very dramatic difference to any outside space, including pathways and raised beds and it has an immediate effect on the overall appearance of your landscape.

When using mulch as a decorative feature you want to spread it evenly over all areas of exposed soil, including flower beds and around the bottoms of trees.  The mulch acts as a protective layer from the elements and provides roots with a more stable environment in which to grow.

Although there are many different types of mulch to choose from, natural bark mulch is by far the most popular for various reasons.

  • It’s rich, earthy colour compliments any landscape or garden
  • It is cheaper than synthetic soil covers
  • It helps to keep your soil hydrated and protects the roots of your plants
  • It reduces weed growth in your garden
  • It is versatile
  • It is safe for children and animals

Here at TMA Bark, we have various grades of bark mulch that are suitable for any garden or landscape project, including play areas and commercial projects.

No matter what the budget, we will have a bark mulch that will suit you. All our products are 100% natural and if buying an FSC approved product, you are safe in the knowledge that we are using only sustainable bark.

To view our full range of bark mulch products, simply visit our website http://www.tmabark.co.uk or call one of our team today on 01362 638441 for more information.

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